Antiques still maintain their importance from past to present with great success

Antiques still maintain their importance from past to present with great success. People who collect antiques and deliver them to other people are also considered artists. Today, although the number of antiquities is gradually decreasing, the ‘’Antikacım’’ is still struggling to continue this tradition.

Which Items are Considered as Antiques?

Antiques can be defined as the names given to any rare valuable goods and objects produced in a certain period, bearing the characteristics of that period, having artistic qualities. The most important issue here; antiquity is also a high value in the period of production.

Today, the word antiques encompasses works or objects of at least 100 years. Antiques may relate to a famous person or to a particular historical period, or may only be well-preserved objects.

How to Classify Antiques?

Antiques are classified by location and time. An antique barely gains value when it’s proven to be the place and time. In an unseen place of Most furniture, silver plates or porcelain pieces usually have a sign that indicates in which the factory or the master’s hand is made. Even if there is no sign, Antikacım experts can understand where a part is made by looking at the material, the model, the colors and the mastery in making it.

Old vintage compass and travel instruments on ancient map

How Important Antiquary in Turkey?

Antique dealer; is the person who is supposed to be an expert in these fields and trades these goods. Antiquities are people who have knowledge in history, art history and archeology. Antiques in Turkey has become a profession in the 19th century.

In the Ottomans, instead of Antiques, Giranbaha (interesting, heavy, rare, pleasant) was used. The word antique has been used in our language since the nineteenth century and then settled. Turkey has the richest antique collections in the world thanks to Islamic, Turkish, ancient and Ottoman works.

Some of the most popular antiques in Antikacım are: Glassware; watches ; metal goods (Gold; Silver; King Metal, Brass); furniture; ceramic and porcelain goods; record plates; carpets and rugs.


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